Plan B

2015 was our best year so far. We played over 40 weddings, played several concerts, private events and lots of gigs in local wine bars, restaurants and coffee shops. We also became a provider partner with Alexander Homestead. We are very proud and happy to be on the team at this great venue.  This on top of working our "regular jobs". Why would anyone work this hard? Because we love playing music.

We did learn a few things this year that can be the difference between a successful event and a disaster. Lots of brides love the idea of an outdoor wedding. If nature cooperates it can be a beautiful thing.  The Spring and Summer of 2015 was pretty dry; if the planned event was outside, rain was not an issue.

However, temperature was an issue for a couple of events as we got further into the Summer. Please think of your guests, especially if they are elderly when you are planning your outdoor wedding at 5pm in July. Try to provide some shade and definitely supply lots of cold water. Have someone keep an eye on grandma, nothing spoils a wedding like a visit from the local EMS!

Also if your wedding is outdoors and you want your guests to be able to hear the minister, take the plunge and rent a microphone from either the DJ or your musicians. The human voice does not really project when you are speaking in a normal tone and you are in the great outdoors. No one past the first row is going to be able to hear your vows without a microphone. It's good technology, use it :).

The fall of 2015 was a completely different situation, it seemed every wedding that we played in October was in the rain. Make sure your venue is prepared to deal with this. A large tent is a minimum, a tent with sides and a floor and some climate control is optimum. Don't expect your musicians to set up their instruments in the rain, or on soggy ground, or on the edge of the shelter with rain blowing in.

A harp can cost from $15,000 to $30,000. If you had this much invested in the tools of your trade, would you take them out in the rain?

We are looking forward to 2016, with lots of weddings on the books already. Thanks to all of our clients, past, present and future.

Posted on November 30, 2015 .