Time Off

Typically the months of January through March are not busy months for actual weddings. However that doesn't mean we are not working hard. There are new songs to learn, arrangements to write and of course the never ending scramble to fill up the calendar with new clients.

We typically attend several wedding shows during this timeframe. These shows can be stressful because they are expensive for the vendors and you feel like you have to generate some business to make it worthwhile. After several years of doing wedding shows welearned that the best approach for us was to just concentrate on playing music. We have several ladies that help us in the booth. They talk to the clients, check calendars, take deposits and let us play music.

In a typical show we will get the request to play Canon In D about 30 times. This can become tedious except when you watch the faces of the listener. Obviously they are caught up in a emotional moment, trying to plan a wedding and choose things to make that day perfect. More often that not someone will start crying during that song. It has happened so many times we have learned to put a box of tissues on the table.

That is the power of music, it can provoke deep emotions even in a crowded convention center!

Posted on March 4, 2016 .