5 Years in a Row

Five years ago we decided that we would start working with The Knot and Wedding Wire to expand the number of weddings that we were doing. We did our research and decided that even though both of these services would cost money out of our pockets, it would probably be worth it in the long run.

Both services have a feature that encourages wedding vendors to solicit their clients to write a review of their experience with them. I'm sure that the average bride gets a lot of requests for these reviews. Unfortunately these requests come at a time when they are starting their new life as a married couple. It's easy to imagine how busy they are.

Lucky for us, we have worked with a lot of clients that understand how important it is for the vendor to collect reviews. This is a powerful marketing tool for future clients and it is reassuring for the future client to see a historical record of good service from a vendor. Our clients have been willing to take the time to write a review about our work for them. I think this is a testament to the importance of music during a wedding ceremony and the bond that we develop as we work with a client to plan the music for their day. 

Wedding Wire and The Knot both have awards that recognize the vendors that have collected a specified number of reviews during the year. In our five year history on these websites we have won these awards every year. Even though playing music at a wedding is work, it's a job that is easy to love. There is something special about being with a group of people on such a happy day in their lives.

Thanks to all of our previous clients and we are looking forward to five more years of winning these awards. 

Posted on December 3, 2017 .